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Misdemeanor Expungement Only $599*
Felony Expungement
Only $1199*
Certificate of Rehabilitation / Pardon
Only $2199*
California State Pardon
Free With Cert of Rehabilitation
Juvenile Record Sealing
Only $1199*
Drug Diversion Record Sealing
Only $1199*
Seal and Destroy Record of Arrest
Only $1199*
Set Aside Conviction
Only $1199*
Set Aside Judgment
Only $1199*
Set Aside Arrest Record
Only $1199*
Modification of Sentence
(Early Termination of Probation)
Only $1199*
Restoration of Civil Rights
Only $1199*
Restoration of Gun Rights
Only $1199*
Federal Pardons
Only $1199*
Federal Early Termination of Supervised Release
Only $1199*
Federal Misdemeanor Expungement
Only $1199*
SENTRI Pass Assistance
Only $1199*
Canadian Passport Assistance
Only $1199*
Mobile Live Scan Services
(CA Only)

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*Additional Court Filing Fees May Apply, See Court Filing Fees on Pricing Page.


Services Offered

Criminal History Cleaners offers a vast array of affordable legal document preparation services that are tailored to help you deal with any problem associated with cleaning up your criminal history in order to help you move forward with your life without having to deal with the lasting stigma of a criminal conviction.

Unlike others, we don’t want to hurt you with our fees. We want to help you overcome the obstacles that you face on your road to personal recovery by providing you with affordable solutions to your record clearance needs.

We provide legal document preparation services for the following:

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