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Misdemeanor Expungement Only $599*
Felony Expungement
Only $1199*
Certificate of Rehabilitation / Pardon
Only $2199*
California State Pardon
Free With Cert of Rehabilitation
Juvenile Record Sealing
Only $1199*
Drug Diversion Record Sealing
Only $1199*
Seal and Destroy Record of Arrest
Only $1199*
Set Aside Conviction
Only $1199*
Set Aside Judgment
Only $1199*
Set Aside Arrest Record
Only $1199*
Modification of Sentence
(Early Termination of Probation)
Only $1199*
Restoration of Civil Rights
Only $1199*
Restoration of Gun Rights
Only $1199*
Federal Pardons
Only $1199*
Federal Early Termination of Supervised Release
Only $1199*
Federal Misdemeanor Expungement
Only $1199*
SENTRI Pass Assistance
Only $1199*
Canadian Passport Assistance
Only $1199*
Mobile Live Scan Services
(CA Only)

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*Additional Court Filing Fees May Apply, See Court Filing Fees on Pricing Page.


Customer Comments

I wanted to thank you for all that you have done to help me with this matter. Compared to the other prices out there for the same service, this was by far the best deal to help people get back on track with their lives. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs help.
T.F. Kern County

I want to thank CHC (Criminal History Cleaners) for the fine services that they have provided me. I have been looking over my sholder for some time now over 2 felonies.

Working for 10 years at a Rice Company and was let go and I really needed to take care of my history. Every job that I needed to apply for was asking about criminal background checks and I could not lie about mine.

I contact CHC and in a matter of 1 month they helped me, take care of all the paper work, helped with the cost, kept in contact, and made me feel very secure.

Thanks you CHC, you are a very professional and a dependable service to work with.

R.B. Los Angeles 2010

I just wanted to write and thank Ron Burrows and his office for the wonderful work they have provided for me. In 1998 I had a conviction for domestic violence. This has been a blight on my record from day one. I contacted an attorney in Reno Nevada, on October 1 2008 to have my record sealed. This attorney charged me $2000.00 up front. After several months and several non returned phone calls I had no option but to contact the Nevada State Bar in December of 2009. (Notice this was 14 months after my first contact with this attorney). I did get $1600.00 returned after my complaint was filed. Then in January of 2010 my Wife found the web site "Criminal History Cleaners". I started the process with Ron in early February 2010. By March 22 2010 the Judge had signed the paper work and by the end of April 2010 I expect all agencies involved with the records to have them sealed. As I write this today, April 02, 2010 I am signing the final papers to be sent to the respective agencies for my records to be sealed. I know this is a long testimonial, but I wanted to share my VERY POSITIVE experience about Ron and Criminal History Cleaners.

Sincerely, R.B. Nevada

Dear Ron and Criminal History Cleaners,

How can I say "Thank you", for helping me get my life back! I lost my job because my background check came back showing my misdemeanor conviction and the fact that I was on probation. I searched multiple expungement and early termination of probation web sites and was getting concerned because all had fees that ranged from $1,200-1,800 for both. I did not have that much to spend.

Then I found Criminal historycleaners.com and my life started in the right direction. The helpful staff was always available. From start to finish, it only took 30 days for my court date and it was successful! Thank you so very much!

NW,San Diego, CA

I wanted to thank Ron for his great service to my boyfriend who got his felony completely expunged. Thank you Ron for giving excellent service. The process was very quick and affordable.

Sincerely, M.W.San Diego 2010

Ron at Criminal History Cleaners is everything and more!

I needed to seal a record and he made the process effortless for me!!! From beginning to end. What I found valuable was that Ron maintained constant communication and follow-through. Another plus is that the guy is just so darn easy to talk to...GREAT charisma & customer service. I could not have accomplished what I needed without Ron's assistance. I recommend Ron's services for the low price and minimal headache to anyone who wants quality service for an affordable price!

M.L Nevada 2010

I was quoted 5 times the amount by a competitor who didn’t offer half the service that I received from you. You guys saved me a ton of money. Thanks Ron

KO, Monterey, CA

I love your service. You are a wonderful person. For 8 years I felt helpless. Now I feel like I have a new beginning.

QT, Santa Clara, CA

The following is my point of view, with gratitude: "I have tried myself for over 8 years to do what you, Criminal History Cleaners, did for me within months - over the years I was turned down by two judges. I must have called and written at least a dozen lawyers and law firms, to include the California bar association for references, all which told me they no longer handled expungments or my case was impossible to expunge. Everyone has to realize how important it is to have such an action handled, especially with the economy as it is now - life/survival is hard enough without having to be further judged by mistakes already paid for via punishment from the legal system and therefore socially and legally rectified, in many cases.

MW Los Angeles, CA

Criminal History Cleaners are professional, thorough and result oriented, and they are the most cost-effective! CHC always returned my phone calls and answered any concerns. Clearing my past has given me a new freedom from worries about background checks and eligibility issues regarding my professional goals. The biggest advantage of CHC is that they know the system and the documents associated with it inside and out. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants results. I am an extremely satisfied (and impressed) customer!

AS Seattle, Washington
Appreciate your follow-up and good service.
Very easy process and well handled start to finish.

JC, Huntington Beach, CA

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service. I can't tell you what a relief it is to get this off my record. There are so many opportunities that I am now able to pursue.


KR, Dayton, NV
Great Job! It was a quick, easy and affordable service. You answered all my questions and were easy to get in contact with at any time. You walked me through every step of the procedure and achieved my goals in an expedited manner.

Kevin, Orange County

Easy, fast and affordable service. I was amazed at how fast you took care of this for me for only $599 dollars.

CM, Phoenix, AZ

It only cost me $599 dollars. There is no way I could have done it any cheaper or easier.

HH, Los Angeles

100% excellent and beneficial service. Four felony convictions expunged for under a grand.

SH, Monterey, CA

Your service is great. Thank you for everything. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

KD, Hemet, CA

At first I didn’t believe there was someone out there that offered this service at such a reasonable price. I used your service and guess what? My conviction was set aside and “I got the job.”

SE, Dana Point, CA

I can’t believe how fast your service was. From the date I called your office, I had the paperwork in hand in 2 days. Six weeks later I had a Court Order granting my petition.

CP, Riverside, CA

Here is the big one I have been waiting for, that last felony gone. I haven’t had this kind of feeling since I discharged parole.

CC, Lake Forrest, CA

All I can say is WOW! I had the mistakes of my past haunt me for way to long! Criminal History Cleaners took care of my expungements and also helped me get a Certificate of Rehabilitation. I have renewed freedom now. Their service and expertise are wonderful. Their prices are also the lowest I could find anywhere. You guys are the best. Thanks.

ES, Dana Point

Not only did you deliver everything as promised, it was easier than expected. When I received the paperwork for review and signature, I could tell that you guys were a quality outfit.

LH, Orange County, CA

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