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Misdemeanor Expungement Only $599*
Felony Expungement
Only $1199*
Certificate of Rehabilitation / Pardon
Only $2199*
California State Pardon
Free With Cert of Rehabilitation
Juvenile Record Sealing
Only $1199*
Drug Diversion Record Sealing
Only $1199*
Seal and Destroy Record of Arrest
Only $1199*
Set Aside Conviction
Only $1199*
Set Aside Judgment
Only $1199*
Set Aside Arrest Record
Only $1199*
Modification of Sentence
(Early Termination of Probation)
Only $1199*
Restoration of Civil Rights
Only $1199*
Restoration of Gun Rights
Only $1199*
Federal Pardons
Only $1199*
Federal Early Termination of Supervised Release
Only $1199*
Federal Misdemeanor Expungement
Only $1199*
SENTRI Pass Assistance
Only $1199*
Canadian Passport Assistance
Only $1199*
Mobile Live Scan Services
(CA Only)

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*Additional Court Filing Fees May Apply, See Court Filing Fees on Pricing Page.

  • Are you tired of not getting that job because of a criminal background check?
  • Are you tired of being turned down for housing assistance because of a criminal background check?
  • Are you tired of being turned down for student loans?
  • Are you afraid to apply for professional licensure or certification?
  • Do you want to restore your civil rights?
  • Do you want closure on a portion of your life that continues to haunt you?

Number 1 Criminal History Cleaner

The laws of these States offer a variety of services for people just like yourself who have made mistakes in life that continue to haunt you long after you have completed your sentence.

Criminal History Cleaners is prepared to help you clean up your past by providing affordable services that help you Restore Civil Rights, Expunge, Seal or Set Aside past convictions or arrests so you can have closure of past mistakes and enjoy a fresh start in life.

We believe that just because someone made a mistake at sometime in their life, they shouldn’t have to pay for it for the rest of their life. Criminal History Cleaners is dedicated to providing a full range of affordable legal document services to people who are attempting to move forward with their lives by seeking closure on a portion of their lives that continues to haunt them. We are dedicated to providing these services with the highest level of professionalism at the most affordable prices anywhere.

Criminal History Cleaners is “The Only Affordable Legal Document Service.”

  • We do the document preparation
  • We file the paperwork
  • We serve all interested parties
  • We obtain the Court Order
  • We make sure the Dept. of Justice Record Review Databases are updated
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee on all Expungements*

Criminal History Cleaners is your one stop shop to meet all your legal document needs. Why even consider going anywhere else.

  • Look at the hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings vs attorney driven websites
  • Look at the results on our Customer Testimonial Page
  • How much easier can it be to get started
  • Fill out the questionnaire on the Contact Us Page
  • Make your payment arrangements
  • Let our Bonded LDA Professionals help you to achieve your goals

From all of us here at Criminal History Cleaners, we look forward to helping you find closure on your past mistakes and helping you to open new doors to the future.

Disclaimer: Criminal History Cleaners is not a law firm and it does not employ attorneys. Criminal History Cleaners is not able to give legal advice (such as discussing eligibility, chances of success, or making recommendations). Criminal History Cleaners can only provide self-help services at your specific direction. Criminal History Cleaners legal document preparation service is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Rather,it helps you represent yourself in your own legal matters, meaning you may need to do such things as go to court and argue against a prosecutor in front of a judge or hire an attorney to do so. The information provided in this site is not legal advice, but general information on legal issues commonly encountered. CHC Legal, LLC, dba Criminal History Cleaners.com, .net, and .org ("Criminal History Cleaners") is a registered and bonded Legal Document Assistant, #000293, Riverside County (exp. 06/21) pursuant to California Business and Professions Code 6400(c).
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